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Screener Copy is the safest way to distribute video content across the globe. Upload and send a uniquely watermarked copy to anyone. Be instantly notified if someone within your distribution network leaked their copy.

Advanced protection and easy to use

Upload a video to the secure platform.

Nominate recipients and share with confidence.

Each recipient receives a unique viewing link.

Videos are imperceptibly watermarked and protected.

Secure platform for worry-free distribution

Password protected and easy to use
Each copy of your file is invisibly watermarked
This ensures the highest level of protection and cutting-edge encryption
Protecting your content against piracy
Every recipient receives a unique viewing link

Convenient options for viewing content

Recipients can view the video directly on the platform, or
The film can be downloaded for offline viewing
Analytical data such as number of views and downloads included
The video file remains protected even if it's cropped, copied or modified
Digital watermark completely invisible and doesn't affect the video's quality
The identity of the recipient is embedded within the file
If an infringement occurs, the content owner will know who was responsible
Leaks detected minutes after being uploaded, even on the dark web
Early detection limits exposure and possible loss of revenue

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Upload your first video in minutes. No credit card required.