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Decentralized Leak Alerts
We use blockchain technology to track copyright infringements of your content online.


At Custos, we work to provide a globally effective way to protect your content from media piracy. We do this by tracing a leak to its source in a decentralised way, using cryptocurrency incentives. Screener Copy, a video hosting and secure sharing platform powered by Custos, uses a combination of blockchain and forensic watermarking to help media distributors get their films in front of the right people - without worrying about whether they'll redistribute it unlawfully.


We're dedicated to protecting digital content from piracy, anywhere it moves online.

Creators and distributors all over the world rely on our various iterations of our hosting, watermarking, distribution and and blockchain-based media tracking software to reduce the risk of content leaks, and to rapidly detect the source of leaks when they do occur.

By embedding unique Bitcoin bounties in each copy of a distributed media file, we incentivise a global network of bounty hunters to discover leaked media and report it. By identifying the original infringer, we hope to create a culture of accountability, eventually eradicating online piracy.


Custos’s flagship product is its enterprise integration service for digital media protection.

Clients who wish to protect video, audio, ebooks, or documents can integrate with Custos’s API to register, assign, and monitor media items – with minimal impact on their existing workflow.

Our online VOD screener distribution tool, Screener Copy, is easily adapted and re-branded for custom use cases. If this solution could help you, feel free to take it for a test drive on a free trial.


leaks from over 180k movies distributed using Screener Copy
company in the world to use blockchain to catch a digital pirate
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Forensic watermarking is the process of hiding identifying information in each individual copy of a video file (read our whitepaper about the topic). A good watermark like Custos’ is almost completely imperceptible, impossible to remove without also damaging the host video, and secure – it cannot be faked or modified. In the past, only the largest studios and distributors could afford forensic watermarking. Custos now makes this security technology easy to use and affordable for even the smallest video producer. The watermarking is also fast: the time-consuming video processing is done only once; after that, any number of individually watermarked copies can be created almost instantaneously.