Are Chromecast and Apple TV Airplay supported for streaming my film?

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Screener Copy’s video player streams videos on most of the popular devices and streams perfectly within popular browsers.

If you’re using Chrome as a browser, Screener Copy will pick up Chromecast instantly. If you’re using Safari, Screener Copy will pick up Airplay.

If your computer and your cinema are on the same network, you should see the AirPlay icon (the rectangle with a superimposed triangle) or the ChromeCast icon (the rectangle with superimposed WiFi) appear in the player. You may need to refresh the page in your browser.

We recommend using Safari on OS X for AirPlay, or Google Chrome for casting to a Roku TV.

Also, Screener Copy supports DRM-free download of your screener, so if your device supports USB drives, you can play it right from there.

Alternatively, we can recommend the Infuse app ( to stream a downloaded screener from any Mac or PC.

Feel free to contact us directly at [email protected] should you have any queries regarding streaming devices.