Can you restrict recipient access?

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Not everyone who sends a watermarked film wants their recipient to either stream or download their content. For example, the contributor (uploader) does not trust a potential investor recipient as he/she may share the watermarked copy once it has been downloaded it.

To cater for this, the Screener Copy platform allows you to edit recipient access permissions to view your content. This customisable feature has 3 options:

  1. Stream and download
  2. Stream only
  3. Download only

The image below will appear by clicking the “Edit” button located to the right of you uploaded video within the “Videos” tab. Under “Recipient permissions” you will find the 3 options to choose from.

Furthermore, if you click the “delete” button in the image above, the recipient will be removed and they will no longer have access to the content you originally sent them.

You can play around and practice with features such as these when signing up for our free trial at