Is it possible to customize the links sent to my recipients to view my screener?

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A recipient will receive a unique copy of your film via email. The link, which will direct the recipient to view the screener, is unique and only that specific recipient would be able to view their intended copy of the screener.

These unique links cannot be edited and should not be forwarded to other people.

An example: Bob receives an email from Jane to view her screener. Bob clicks on the link inside his email and is directed to Screener Copy where he has to log in (or create an account, if he doesn’t have one yet) to view the screener.

Bob then forwards the email sent by Jane to his secretary, Karen. Karen clicks on the link and she’s directed to sign in. Karen doesn’t have Bob’s log in details to view the screener (she’s not allowed to have them), so she simply cannot access it.

Bob decides to share his log in details with Karen. She logs in and continues to download the film. She takes her laptop home with her and left it unattended while her nephew visits. Her nephew downloads the film to his hard drive, gives it to his buddy and suddenly the movie is on The Pirate Bay.

What now?

Our network of bounty hunters finds the film on The Pirate Bay as soon as it’s uploaded, and we’re notified immediately that Bob (original recipient) leaked Jane’s film.

Jane proceeds to sue Bob for losses. Bob never meant to be malicious with the content in the first place, but had he followed Jane’s instructions, he wouldn’t have been in this tough situation in the first place.