What are the file size limits for uploading a single screener on Screener Copy?

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There is no hard limit on file size, but for files larger than 10 GB (e.g. distributing ProRes film master files) web browser uploads and downloads may become cumbersome.

Screener Copy is capable of ingesting video files compressed using a variety of video codecs, including H.264 and ProRes, but it transcodes all video files to H.264 before sending them out. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessarily large uploads to Screener Copy, it is recommended that you compress very large video files (for example, ProRes Master files much larger than 10 GB) to a size below 10 GB (using a high-efficiency codec such as H.264) before uploading them to Screener Copy.

The Screener Copy team is currently working on a separate solution for distributing watermarked copies of very large master files, in high-quality ProRes format. For early access to this solution, contact [email protected].