Turnkey Video Distribution

Video Distribution - Screener Copy by Custos

Let us build you a bespoke content management platform.

The Custos system is built to be completely modular, allowing for easy adaptation to different use cases.

Your media distribution business may choose either to integrate directly with our Core API; get us to build you a custom-branded content storage, distribution, and security management platform; or enjoy our existing B2C, end-to-end distribution and protection platform.

Core API

The Core API is the heart of the Custos technology. It:

    • Creates a cryptocurrency keypair;
    • Associate cryptocurrency keypair with a recipient ID;
    • Loads cryptocurrency keypair with bounty;
    • Monitors keypair on the relevant Blockchain;
  • Sends alert if bounty is claimed.

Customers who have their own watermarking technology can integrate the API directly into their workflow, or otherwise Custos can source watermarking technology or use one of the cutting edge in-house modules.


A blockchain does a lot of the heavy lifting in the technology, allowing for efficient scaling globally, and enhanced security.

The Custos system is cryptocurrency agnostic, and can interface with any publically traded blockchain-based cryptocurrency. By default the system uses the Bitcoin blockchain for its widespread adoption. Early experiments with Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and ZCash.

The nature of the technology shields both Custos and the end user from cryptocurrency volatility.

Storage Module

Currently, Custos uses cloud solutions for storage of media content. This allows for rapid scaling, and more efficient content distribution globally.

The modular nature of the technology does allow for on-site storage of content if required.

Watermarking Module

Cryptocurrency private keys are embedded in a robust but imperceptible manner into each copy of media distributed. The watermarking module calls the Core API for cryptocurrency keypairs, and embeds them into the relevant copies of the media. Custos has in-house watermarking modules for all film content.

Extraction Module

The watermarking process effectively encrypts the cryptocurrency key inside each copy of media. To decrypt the key, various extraction tools are available. The extractor tools scan the media, check for any embedded bounties, and pays them out.

The basic extractor tool has a command line interface, which allows advance users to build automation systems around it. On top of the basic tool interfaces have been built. The first is a web-based extractor, and the second is a downloadable application. These two tools are easy to use, and open to the public for download and use.

Interface Module

For customers who require an end-to-end distribution and protection solution, we have built a highly customisable user interface. The entry-level solution to the film industry is Screener Copy, where indie filmmakers can upload, store and distribute movies with the Custos protection integrated into the back end.

This system can be customised to allow for any type of media to be distributed.

Contact us about a secure content hosting and sharing solution tailored to your needs: +27 (0)21-808-9505 or [email protected]